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The Best Comic Characters To Have On Your Apocalypse Team

A solar flare has erupted from the sun causing a massive, worldwide EMP blast. At the same time, a massive tidal wave takes out the West Coast. There is civil unrest and not enough resources. It's the END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT! Good thing Ranker Comics has put together this list of comic book characters that have your back!

When SHTF (figure it out) and it's time to bug out or bunker down, those on this list of comic book characters are our best (or worst) bet. Not only have our favorite heroes trained to deal with just such a disaster, but what better time to have superpowers than when you are fending off hordes of zombies, or trying to escape a nuclear wasteland! Ranker Comics took a look at the most popular superhero and indie comic characters and ranked their pros and cons for a survival situation. These characters have been through galactic invasions, archenemies, and terror attacks - they should be able to keep you safe when it all falls apart!

So grab your bug out bag and make sure no one is following your tracks - Ranker Comics has your ultimate list of characters that are going to help you get to safety and make it out of here alive! We're definitely going to need comic books when rebuilding society!