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14 Great DC Villains Who Weren't Around When You Were A Kid

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Everyone and their mother knows about heavy hitters like the Joker, Lex Luthor, and Darkseid - but how about the great recent DC comic villains who don't get their proper due? Yeah, yeah... we've all seen the Dark Knight take on everyone from Poison Ivy to Mr. Freeze about a billion times, so throw Punchline into the mix to make things interesting!

Upset the status quo with behind-the-scenes baddies like the Court of Owls or Perpetua! Terrify the pants off of grown adults with the Upside-Down Man! The comic book industry is always looking for the hot new thing, and these supervillains just might fit the bill. So, get ready to start scheming with the best of them as we run through some of the best modern comic book antagonists DC Comics has to offer.

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    The Silencer

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    Like the many antiheroes who have come before her, the Silencer toes the line between good and evil. Is she a hero? Is she a villain? Does it matter as long as we get to read through her violent exploits? Like fellow DC cohort Deathstroke or Marvel's Elektra, Honor Guest is an assassin of the highest order. Unlike those two, she has a fun, weird power at her disposal: She can create "zones of silence" at will. Need to do away with someone without anyone being the wiser? No big deal if you can get them in a zone of silence! 

    Guest became one of the world's most dangerous assassins under Talia al Ghul, though she managed to finally break free from her control after years of service and start a family. Unsurprisingly, Honor would get pulled back into the violent underworld she left behind... otherwise, we wouldn't have a comic book to read. Fans of her short-lived series know the Silencer is not someone you cross lightly.

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    Punchline, AKA Alexis Kaye, does not mess around. Anyone who has read the "Joker War" storyline knows this. Co-creator James Tynion IV has claimed she is meant to be a "dark mirror" to fan-favorite Harley Quinn, as well as an attempt at social commentary on people who "look up to" twisted ideologies. Kaye may appear like nothing more than a Harley knockoff upon first glance, but this simply isn't the case. 

    Like Harley used to be, she has served as the Joker's girlfriend/second-in-command - except she's actually able to match the Clown Prince of Crime's penchant for intense sadism. Punchline became enamored with the Joker as a college student, began poisoning homeless people to get his attention, and turned into a full-fledged serial killer while under his employ. How serious is her villainy? She was this close to doing away with the Dark Knight in Batman #98. How many baddies can say that?

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    The Upside-Down Man

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    James Tynion IV may be responsible for writing the Justice League Dark storyline that brought the Upside-Down Man into existence, but credit must go to penciler Álvaro Martínez Bueno for bringing such a horrific villain to life. There is something so unsettling about his character design. Just a scaly, shirtless man in black pants hanging upside-down with nothing on his face but a sharp-toothed grin oriented the wrong way. The design is curiously abnormal in a way that would make it perfect for a horror film.

    It helps that the Upside-Down Man is about as powerful a magical supervillain as there has ever been in DC Comics. He is purely made of unfiltered Source magic and, as such, can do all sorts of diabolical things. If the evil Hecate is afraid of him, you just know he's bad news. His simplistic name is great, too. It brings to mind the "Bent-Neck Lady" from The Haunting of Hill House.

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    The Batman Who Laughs

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    Let's face it, barring Superman from the equation, there probably aren't two characters more popular in the pages of DC Comics than Batman and the Joker. They've been around forever, they've been in multiple famous movies together, and people just straight-up love them both. How many other comic book supervillains have their own billion-dollar-grossing feature film? Especially one that is rated R? The bat and the clown will seemingly never fade from the limelight. So... how does putting them together in one character sound?

    The Batman Who Laughs is Bruce Wayne from Earth-22 of the Dark Multiverse. And, as his name would suggest, he is a Jokerized version of the Dark Knight. This Bruce Wayne was pushed past his brink by the Joker and ended up snapping his neck, unaware that the villain had poisoned him with Joker toxin as he passed. As he slowly but surely succumbed to the toxin, Batman became the Batman Who Laughs and did away with the majority of the Bat-family with machine guns in the Batcave. It would only get worse from there. Imagine combining the intelligence of Batman with the insanity and personality of the Joker and you've got the basic idea. He even became a cosmic entity in Dark Nights: Death Metal!

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