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Who's The Best Bounty Hunter In The Star Wars Galaxy?

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Ever since Darth Vader assembled a rag-tag team to chase down that pesky Han Solo, nerds everywhere have been obsessed with the bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe. While Boba Fett's name is practically synonymous with "Star Wars bounty hunter," newcomers like Mando and Cad Bane are giving him a run for his money. It makes you wonder: If you were to look past your personal favorite bounty hunter, which of them is actually the most effective at their craft? 

If you're going to hire a bounty hunter, who do you want on your side? Someone cunning like Cade Bane, a brute-strength reptile like Bossk, or a data-driven slaying machine like IG-88? For our purposes, we will be deciding which bounty hunter to hire based on three main criteria: their strengths as a hunter, their weaknesses, and their career bounty hunting highlights. Remember, you're not picking your favorite bounty hunter; you're picking the one who is the most likely to accomplish their mission and turn in their target. 

So, take a trip down this list and decide for yourself which bounty hunter you want to hire. 

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    Who Is He: Boba Fett is the son (sorta) and clone (actually) of prominent bounty hunter Jango Fett. After Jango's demise at the hands of Mace Windu, Boba joined up with a team of bounty hunters to avenge his father, and ended up becoming one of the most feared bounty hunters in the entire galaxy. As a child, he started the Krayt's Claw, a bounty hunter syndicate with the most dangerous hired guns in the galaxy. Later, when Vader called the best bounty hunters to assist him, Boba Fett is the one who came through. 

    Strengths: Boba Fett is skilled with a number of devices, including his blaster, wrist flamethrower, jetpack, and kneepads that shoot darts. He possesses an incredible tactical mind and leadership abilities. As previously stated, while Boba was a literal child, he convinced the galaxy's top bounty hunters to respect him as their leader. He's also an adept pilot and tracker. 

    Weaknesses: Boba Fett is incredibly good at his job, but this has made him cocky. He won't shy away from a fight, even if that fight is against Luke Skywalker while hovering dangerously close to a sarlacc pit. 

    Bounty Hunting Highlights: Beating out five of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy to find Han Solo, forming his own bounty hunting syndicate, and impersonating a clone trooper as a child to make an assassination attempt on Mace Windu. 

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    Din Djarin

    Who Is He: Star of The Mandalorian and commonly known as Mando, this bounty hunter is one of the most dangerous in the galaxy. Unlike some pretenders wearing the armor, Din Djarin is a full-on card-carrying member of the Mandalorians. While he remains something of a mystery, his back story is tragic and involves getting caught up in the crossfire of the Clone Wars as a child. 

    Strengths: Djarin is a proficient fighter, pilot, and hunter. His legitimate beskar Mandalorian (unlike Fett's durasteel) armor provides him with quite the defense stat buff. His arsenal consists of his blaster, a sniper rifle, a vibroblade, and more. Hiring Din Djarin for your mission might mean you'll get to see the Child in person, and that alone might be worth it. 

    Weaknesses: While it goes a long way toward endearing him to the audience, forgoing your mission so you can raise the bounty as your child doesn't exactly make for a great bounty hunter. Moral qualms aren't great in this profession, so if your mission involves anything that might be a little questionable, Djarin might not be your man. 

    Bounty Hunting Highlights: Din Djarin eliminates an IG-series assassin droid, takes on a large group of the Bounty Hunters' Guild members on his own, defends a farming village from Klatooinian raiders, and takes back an entire city from Imperials. 

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    Cad Bane

    Who Is He: One of the most prominent bounty hunters during the Clone Wars, Cad Bane filled the galaxy's hunting needs in between Fett father and son. A Duros male best known for his Western aesthetic consisting of his wide-brimmed hat and dual LL-30 blaster pistols, this hunter is someone even a Jedi wouldn't want to come across at high noon. 

    Strengths: Cad Bane is a master planner and incredible at pulling off high-risk heists. He's also skilled at dealing with Force users, and unlike other (famous Mandalorian) bounty hunters, he has survived multiple encounters with Jedi and come out on top. His pistols put him in a great position in close combat situations, and his rocket boots allow him an unmatched level of speed and agility. His hat is also very cool, and that counts for something.

    Weaknesses: Finding a weakness for Cad Bane can be tricky, as he normally comes out on top. With that said, Bane was famously tricked by Obi-Wan Kenobi into believing Kenobi was a bounty hunter named Haldeen, and this came back to bite him later on when Kenobi turned him in. So, while hiring Bane is a safe bet, he doesn't always have the best taste in allies. 

    Bounty Hunting Highlights: Cad Bane's list of accomplishments is long and full of outsmarted Force users, including the time he stole a Holocron from the Jedi Temple itself, which is not something the average bounty hunter could do. 

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    Who Is He: The leading bounty hunter before the start of the Clone Wars, Jango Fett was who you called if you needed a job done right or some DNA to create a massive clone army. Considered by Darth Tyranus to be the best bounty hunter in the galaxy, he is the template for every clone trooper in existence, as well as Boba Fett. 

    Strengths: Jango comes prepared with an incredible arsenal, including his dual blaster, a rocket-launching jetpack, amino saber darts, and one of the best ships in the galaxy. 

    Weaknesses: Toward the end of his career, you have to wonder if his heart was really in the game. His main requirement for being the template for a clone army was that he got to keep one and raise it as his son. That's strange. That's an objectively strange move. He was also known to contract other hunters like Zam Wesell to complete his jobs for him. While it's common for bounty hunters to work together on missions, if the client had wanted Zam Wesell, they would have just hired Zam Wesell. 

    Bounty Hunting Highlights: While few of Jango's exploits have been shown, he did hold his own in an extended battle against Obi-Wan Kenobi, possibly the most powerful of the Jedi. If you hired Jango Fett, you wouldn't have to be worried about basically anyone beating him in a one-on-one matchup.